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Paphos People Launch Party - 31st January 2008, George & Dragon

Pafian Paul (Rock FM) and Craig Bailey (Rock FM)  
Molly (Molly) & Pam (Rosie) "Aargent" Alistair & "Minerva" Ruth
"Yakflyer" Lloyd & Family Neil meets Stuart & The Novelty Vend Crew
Dee, "Tomh" Tom, Mal & Sue = MALSUE "Peppermint" Yvonne & "Big Dutch" Geoff
Jane, "Andrew" Andrew & "Tiggy" Helen "Candy" Trish
  Pete & George
Rhonda & "Geoff" Geoff "Twosox" Jackie takes a break from all the planning...
"Aargent" Alistair & "Minerva" Ruth "Robindog" Jean & Trevor
The Pieman Nigel, fresh from providing stacks of great scran! MC Neil in the house!
Jackie starts the prize-giving Mal just loves that beach mat
More prizes, from Plazan and Athena Designs....
....and Stroumbi Tavern & Lay-z-Buoy....
....and more from Athena & Plazan!
"Pete" Pete, "Captain Fantastic" Martin & "Neil" Neil Most excellent PP cake
The 3 stooges Fight on for leftovers!
Yvonne thanks our gracious host Marios Fredster signing Pete up for football...
Mr & Mrs Pete Mr & Mrs Neil
Mr & Mrs Fantastic  
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