Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association

Who we are

We are a volunteer network of dog lovers who have worked for several years in the various dog shelters in Cyprus, mainly in the Limassol and Paphos areas and we understand only too well the difficulties that these shelters experience in the excellent work that they do.

One of the main problems they all face is that the number of dogs coming into the shelters far exceeds the number they can home. To balance this supply and demand problem they have to regrettably resort to euthanasia.

Our association exists to promote the rehoming of dogs from the shelters both into Europe and within Cyprus itself and to try to prevent some dogs from ever entering a shelter by homing them direct from vets and private individuals.

We operate with the full approval of the Animal Health and Welfare Division of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus.

Our background

We started in a very small way in 2006 with just one Shelter in Paphos and a contact in Germany, homing 37 dogs that year. As a result of this success we have extended our network to include several other Shelters.

To date we have been encouraged by the results of our efforts to rehome dogs, principally in Germany, sending over 400 lucky dogs to happy owners.

Kristal with her new mummy, Hazel Leyton playing with new friends Boy - now Rusty - in his own garden

Moving forwards

There is now a need to expand our work to home Cypriot dogs into other European countries, and to increase our efforts to home dogs here in Cyprus. To help achieve this we will shortly be setting up our own website.

Our dogs

All our dogs are vaccinated against the standard diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis etc. and are microchipped. As a matter of policy dogs over 6 months of age are neutered and, to comply with international laws, all dogs travelling out of Cyprus are vaccinated against rabies and provided with a Pet Passport. We also test dogs over 6 months for leishmania which is endemic in Cyprus and of which there is little experience in most of Europe.

What we need now

Whilst we have some help from individuals and an airline based in Germany to enable us to transport dogs at reduced charge, there are many other costs that we incur in order to send our dogs into Europe.

So that the dogs are given the best possible chance of success in their new homes, wherever possible we use foster homes to cover the quarantine period for rabies, and the time that the dogs are waiting to travel, which also enables us to get them used to domestic life and monitor their general health. It also removes the dogs from the shelters at the earliest possible time to make room for new dogs. So we need more foster homes...

Although all our work is entirely voluntary and unpaid we do make a reasonable charge on the adopting owners which covers some of our costs but we need help to fund such costs as food for foster homes, incidental veterinary costs, transport, shipping boxes, air fares, running our website, advertising etc.


Contact Information


Phone: 99186878